Our Impact

The New Americans Campaign is transforming the way legally qualified aspiring citizens navigate the path to becoming new Americans.

Our innovative and collaborative approach has already yielded important results:

  • Over 250,000 citizenship applications completed since July 2011
  • Participation of 120 Campaign partners including legal-service providers, faith-based organizations, nonprofit & community organizations and foundations
  • 45 coordinated alliances with other key partners such as law groups, faith leaders, schools and more
  • Saved aspiring citizens and their families over $206million in legal and application fees
  • Held over 3,700 naturalization events since July 2011, including naturalization information sessions, volunteer trainings and group application workshops

Read some of our success stories here. Also be sure to read our Impact Report and the New Americans Campaign Evaluation Summary.

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We are bringing together leading nonprofit organizations nationwide to modernize and streamline naturalization services.

We are also building partnerships with the media, legal, business and faith communities to reach aspiring citizens and to help them successfully complete the citizenship process.

Our efficient, resourceful collaborations build upon the strengths and networks of each partner to exponentially maximize our impact:

  • Established national partners, like the Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Inc. (CLINIC), share their resources to build the capacity of smaller local organizations and faith-based groups.  This includes providing Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) accreditation training and mentoring, online webinars and workshop materials.
  • Joint workshops have streamlined and changed the way our service providers do business, potentially serving up to 200-350 aspiring new citizens at a time, an increase of over 500 percent from past outreach efforts.
  • By strategizing with trusted local leaders, such as faith-based organizations and ethnic community groups, we are able to reach new communities and provide critically-needed citizenship support in hard-to-reach communities.
  • We are creating a pipeline of volunteers and pro-bono legal help by working directly with local universities and attorney associations.
  • Elected officials are working with us to promote the importance of naturalization in local communities.
  • Through partnerships with national, local and ethnic media, we are building awareness of the value and benefits of citizenship to eligible people and to society as a whole.


We are harnessing new technology and approaches so greater numbers of eligible people have the information and guidance they need to attain citizenship.

These innovations include:

  • New technology programs, such as CitizenshipWorks:
    • CitizenshipWorks, a user-friendly online citizenship tool, enables service providers to quickly guide greater numbers of people through the citizenship application program.  The program also makes conducting workshops in different languages easier and more efficient.
  • Employing familiar electronic tools to support applicants studying for citizenship tests, such as MP3 players with civics exam questions, vocabulary exercises and mock interviews.
  • Reaching audiences in new ways, like text messages, to keep applicants informed.
  • Developing innovative partnerships models. In Miami, Catholic Legal Services, Archdiocese of Miami, Inc has created a “one-stop” program in conjunction with Miami-Dade County Public Schools, the fourth largest school district in the nation. Catholic Legal Services provides on-site consultations, application assistance workshops and education programs such as civics and ESL courses at seven collaborating schools.
  • Creating telephone hotlines in various languages, equipped with comprehensive information on local resources and citizenship events.
  • Piloting corporate partnerships and workplace programs to raise awareness of the benefits of naturalization for both the aspiring citizen and the employer.
  • Leveraging technology and networks to reach as many diverse communities as possible.


“I think the greatest value of being part of The New Americans Campaign is the exponential power or effect that we’re having. I’ve never been involved in another citizenship project that has had this contagious effect at the grassroots level…. We’ve always had to promote citizenship, but now it’s so organic.
– Catholic Charities of Dallas

“…many community members have expressed how much these events have impacted their lives. These  citizenship support events have shown the community that this country and our organization genuinely care and want them to advance in this country….”
– Read2Succeed, Miami

“The New Americans Campaign has created opportunities for all the partners involved in this national collaboration to innovatively expand their services and reach communities they have not or could not work in before.”
– Immigrant Legal Resource Center, San Jose

“We’ve never seen an effort of this magnitude. It feels like a movement.”
– Catholic Charities of Southeast Michigan, Detroit

“The adoption of new technology to support a national strategy presents a huge opportunity to engage the private sector in this campaign, and to build new models for participation, including remote legal consultations and other forms of virtual volunteering.”
– Pro Bono Net

“Through the work of the New Americans Campaign, we have helped thousands of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders nationwide become U.S. citizens. In addition, local community-based groups who never provided citizenship services prior to this initiative are now providing services and outreach to encourage eligible immigrants to become citizens. By utilizing the collective resources of the New Americans Campaign, our organizations are all helping thousands more achieve the dream of citizenship.
Asian Americans Advancing Justice – Los Angeles (AAAJ-LA)

Our Impact

  • The Campaign has completed over 3,700 naturalization workshops and clinics.
  • Over 250,000 citizenship applications completed since July 2011.

    Saved aspiring citizens and their families over $206million in legal and application fees.
  • Adopted scalable technology. MP3 players, Google Voice, and Virtual Private Network (VPN) services are being used to enhance naturalization service delivery.
  • Expanded New American Workforce (an effort to provide naturalization assistance within corporations) which has partnered with over 100 businesses across the nation, ranging from hotels in Miami to American Apparel in Los Angeles.
  • Deployed Citizenshipworks, an online tool, across the Campaign in multiple settings and languages. A newly redesigned platform guides applicants through through their citizenship application from start to finish and connects applicants to legal help at partnering non-profits.
  • Were instrumental in inspiring the US Citizenship and Immigration Service to support the Citizenship Corners initiative.
  • Created innovative partnerships with public libraries, school districts, universities, social service agencies, and employers, all of which yield not only greater numbers of applicants but also greater awareness of the naturalization process.
  • Deployed a large-scale volunteer recruitment program through an e-learning course.

    Reached diverse communities. Local partners consistently outreach and provide culturally competent and language-appropriate services.
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Impact Report.

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People come to America from all over the world with dreams of achieving a better life for themselves and their families and calling this great nation home. Eight million people who live, work, and pay taxes in this country are eligible for citizenship, yet only about eight percent of them naturalize each year. Find out more about these individuals and the barriers they face.Read More