June Social Media Toolkit: Immigrant Heritage Month

For the month of June, we are celebrating Immigrant Heritage Month, in partnership with FWD.us. Check out the revamped iamanimmigrant.com website to learn more about the campaign, which showcases community service events supporting immigrants in 34 states across the country. The campaign is a great opportunity to promote your workshops. To ensure your events are listed on the calendar, please enter all your upcoming workshops in this simple Google form today: http://tinyurl.com/NACCalendarSubmissionForm!

The below toolkit includes content you can use for Immigrant Heritage Month, Flag Day, Father’s Day and the recent launch of www.standwithimmigrants.org. We also provide great content about our recent funder citizenship opinion piece for you to share with your funders.

Note: If you come up with your own posts or edit the samples below, include the #NewAmericans hashtag.

Immigrant Heritage Month with FWD.US

Below is content that can help you highlight your workshops and spotlight Immigrant Heritage Month. Thank you to Fwd.us, an important ally who recognizes the many benefits of citizenship, for sharing their content with us! You can share the content below throughout the month.


WATCH: This #ImmigrantHeritageMonth, check out this new #IStandWithImmigrants video. https://twitter.com/IAmAnImmigrant/status/870279145124581376/video/1 #NewAmericans

We’re a proud partner with @IAmAnImmigrant this #ImmigrantHeritageMonth https://twitter.com/IAmAnImmigrant/status/870279145124581376/video/1 #NewAmericans #IStandWithImmigrants

We’re a proud #ImmigrantHeritageMonth partner. Join the #IStandWithImmigrants movement & give back: http://bit.ly/2rVNM1D #NewAmericans

We’re teaming up with @IAmAnImmigrant this #ImmigrantHeritageMonth. You can too! Learn more: http://bit.ly/2rVNM1D #NewAmericans

Celebrate #ImmigrantHeritageMonth by applying to become a citizen. Learn more: http://newamericanscampaign.org/resources/help #NewAmericans #IStandWithImmigrants

Citizenship opens opportunities to all who apply. Start the journey this #ImmigrantHeritageMonth. http://newamericanscampaign.org/resources/help #NewAmericans


Click here to view and share the #IStandWithImmigrants celebrity video on Facebook!

June is here and it’s time to celebrate Immigrant Heritage Month! We are proud to be one of the 250 partners across America declaring #IStandWithImmigrants. Join us and share this video: http://bit.ly/2rfqFxT #NewAmericans

We are joining people across America to declare #IStandWithImmigrants. Share this video to celebrate the long standing traditions of immigrants past and present. We are proud to stand with immigrants as an Immigrant Heritage Month partner. http://bit.ly/2rfqFxT #NewAmericans

People across America like George Takei, Uzo Aduba, America Ferrera, Ilana Glazer, Jason Sudeikis and many others are declaring, #IStandWithImmigrants and we are too. June 1st is the start of Immigrant Heritage Month, and we are a proud partner celebrating our nation’s diversity. http://bit.ly/2rfqFxT #NewAmericans

We are proud to join over 250 partners across America this Immigrant Heritage Month and declare #IStandWithImmigrants. You can also give back and stand with immigrants by joining a service event in your community. http://bit.ly/2qCnKfU

Everyone has a story to tell about their heritage and this Immigrant Heritage Month we are proud to declare: #IStandWithImmigrants. You can stand with immigrants in your community and give back at a service event in your state. Click here for more information. http://bit.ly/2qCnKfU


Stand With Immigrants

Several of our national partners, together with AILA and others, have launched an effort to mobilize volunteers to help immigrants protect their rights, including a valuable new website, www.standwithimmigrants.org. You can share the content below to help promote this effort and website, which also features our naturalization workshops! (This is an extra reminder to enter your events into the NAC calendar so they appear for volunteers who take the #standwithimmigrants pledge.)


This #ImmigrantHeritageMonth, check out how you can #StandWithImmigrants across the U.S. http://www.standwithimmigrants.org/naturalization_workshops #NewAmericans

We’re so proud of our partners who #StandWithImmigrants by featuring volunteer opportunities. http://www.standwithimmigrants.org/naturalization_workshops #NewAmericans

Join the #StandWithImmigrants movement & volunteer to support immigrants in  your community: http://www.standwithimmigrants.org/naturalization_workshops  #NewAmericans


We’re a proud to #StandWithImmigrants with our national partners. If you want to stand with us by volunteering at a citizenship workshop in  your community, check out: http://www.standwithimmigrants.org/naturalization_workshops  #NewAmericans


Flag Day (June 14)

June 14 is Flag Day – a great moment to celebrate those who apply for citizenship and wave the American flag in celebration! Use the social media below to help celebrate the day through promoting citizenship workshops across the U.S.


#FlagDay is a perfect day to recognize when immigrants become citizens. Congrats to all who completed the process! #NewAmericans

On #FlagDay, celebrate all #NewAmericans who proudly wave the American flag when they complete their citizenship journey.


The American flag is a powerful symbol of our nation. In fact, immigrants often proudly wave the flag during naturalization ceremonies across the U.S. Today we celebrate these #NewAmericans. #FlagDay


Father’s  Day (June 18)

Father’s Day is June 18, and it’s a perfect time to recognize the fathers who have become naturalized citizens through the New Americans Campaign. Below is a social media post you are welcome to use.



This #FathersDay, celebrate all the dads who have become citizens through our #NewAmericans Campaign.

On #FathersDay we celebrate immigrant dads who daily make a difference in the lives of their children. Thank you! #NewAmericans


Happy Father’s Day to all the dads who’ve become citizens with the assistance and support of #NewAmericans partners. We appreciate all you do for your families and our communities!


Chronicle of Philanthropy

Share with your local funders! If you haven’t shared the recent Chronicle of Philanthropy piece by our Funders’ Collaborative about the importance of investing in citizenship now, you still have time. You can send your funders an email linking to the piece. We also drafted some sample tweets for you to share on Twitter.

You can retweet @NewAmericans using the following link: https://twitter.com/newamericans/status/869911303342759937 and clicking the Retweet button.

Our Impact

  • The Campaign has completed over 3,700 naturalization workshops and clinics.
  • Over 250,000 citizenship applications completed since July 2011.

    Saved aspiring citizens and their families over $206million in legal and application fees.
  • Adopted scalable technology. MP3 players, Google Voice, and Virtual Private Network (VPN) services are being used to enhance naturalization service delivery.
  • Expanded New American Workforce (an effort to provide naturalization assistance within corporations) which has partnered with over 100 businesses across the nation, ranging from hotels in Miami to American Apparel in Los Angeles.
  • Deployed Citizenshipworks, an online tool, across the Campaign in multiple settings and languages. A newly redesigned platform guides applicants through through their citizenship application from start to finish and connects applicants to legal help at partnering non-profits.
  • Were instrumental in inspiring the US Citizenship and Immigration Service to support the Citizenship Corners initiative.
  • Created innovative partnerships with public libraries, school districts, universities, social service agencies, and employers, all of which yield not only greater numbers of applicants but also greater awareness of the naturalization process.
  • Deployed a large-scale volunteer recruitment program through an e-learning course.

    Reached diverse communities. Local partners consistently outreach and provide culturally competent and language-appropriate services.
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